Toilet Cleaner 500ml


Toilet Cleaner 500ml

Stain Removal: Toilet cleaners are effective at removing stubborn stains, including limescale, mineral deposits, rust, and hard water stains from the toilet bowl.Additionally, for regular maintenance and to keep your toilet clean, consider using the toilet cleaner as part of a routine cleaning schedule and combining it with regular brushing and cleaning of the toilet bowl.


Toilet Cleaner 500ml Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer in Gujarat, India

Yansh Chemicals stands out as a prominent manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of Toilet cleaners in the 500ml variant, catering to the diverse sanitation needs of households throughout Gujarat, India. 

Our Toilet Cleaner is thoughtfully formulated to combat tough stains, eliminate harmful germs, and neutralize unpleasant odors, ensuring a spotless and fresh-smelling toilet after every use. The 500ml packaging strikes a balance between providing an ample quantity for extended usage and convenient storage. 

Yansh Chemicals takes pride in delivering a top-quality Toilet Cleaner that effectively marries performance and user-friendliness, contributing to a hygienic and welcoming bathroom environment.


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