Dishwash Jar 5l


Dishwash Jar 5l

Dishwashing Detergent Jar: A Dishwashing Detergent Jar is an essential kitchen companion, specially formulated to tackle tough grease and grime on dishes effectively. It typically comes in a jar or container, offering a convenient and mess-free way to dispense the detergent. 

The detergent inside is designed to remove food residues, stains, and grease, leaving your dishes spotlessly clean. With user-friendly packaging and powerful cleaning capabilities, a Dishwashing Detergent Jar is a must-have for every household, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient dishwashing experience.


Dishwashing Detergent Jar 5l Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Retailer in Gujarat, India

Discover the superior cleaning power of Yansh Chemicals, a trusted name in the cleaning solutions industry. As a prominent manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer based in Gujarat, India, Yansh Chemicals proudly introduces the Dishwash Jar in a convenient 5-liter size. 

This carefully formulated dishwashing liquid is designed to make your dishwashing experience effortless and effective. It efficiently cuts through grease and grime, leaving your dishes sparkling clean. The 5-liter packaging ensures you have an ample supply, making it a cost-effective and convenient choice for households and businesses alike.

Trust Yansh Chemicals for a reliable Dishwash Jar that brings cleanliness and freshness to your kitchen. Elevate your dishwashing routine with the quality assurance that comes from Yansh Chemicals' commitment to excellence.


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