Black Phenyl Concentrate 500ML,5L


Black Phenyl Concentrate 500ML,5L

Black Phenyl Concentrate: Black Phenyl Concentrate is a cleaning solution known for its effectiveness in maintaining hygiene. Used in households and commercial settings, it is a concentrated formulation that, when diluted, becomes a versatile cleaning agent. Typically available in packs of various sizes, including 500ML and 5L, it offers a convenient solution for tackling dirt and germs, leaving behind a clean and refreshing environment with a distinctive fragrance.


Black Phenyl Concentrate 500ML and 5L Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Retailer in Gujarat, India 

Yansh Chemicals, based in Gujarat, India, is one of the leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of Black Phenyl Concentrate, offering it in convenient pack sizes of 500ml and 5l. Our commitment to quality and cleanliness defines our production standards, ensuring that our Black Phenyl Concentrate exceeds industry expectations.

Our diverse pack sizes cater to the varying needs of individual consumers, households, and businesses. The 500ML pack is ideal for daily household use, while the 5L option meets larger-scale requirements, providing flexibility and choice for our customers.

At Yansh Chemicals, we recognize the significance of cleanliness in everyday life. Our Black Phenyl Concentrate not only ensures effective cleaning but also leaves behind a refreshing fragrance, enhancing the overall experience. We prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering a product that is not only reliable and efficient but also affordable and readily available.


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